Is a Baby Walker Good For Your Baby?

A baby walker is a tool that can help baby learning to walk. This tool is usually used by babies who start to learn to walk. In this case, the use of this tool is still become pro and cons among the professionals.

baby walkers

In the United states the safety of using this tool has been become the argumentation since a long time ago. Thus, the design of this tool changes from time to time. For instance, bigger size is designed in order the baby walk trough the door.

Unfortunately, since there are still some accidents caused by a baby walker, the production of this tool is stopped in the United States. But, there are some countries that produce this tool to provide the baby a tool in order to make them learn to walk.

There are some reasons why this is favorable by many people. This tool is practical. You just sit your baby in it and your baby will be able to walk around. By using this tool parents can save their energy.

However, the reality says the different thing. According to the research done in the United States, there are babies brought to the hospital because they had accidents with their baby walkers.

Here are some accidents caused by the use of a baby walker.
– The baby rolls on the stairs. This accident can result broken bones and serious injuries on the head.
– Something hot spills on the body of the baby. When he is sitting in a this tool, he can reach things that could endanger him. For example, he can reach a cup of hot coffee on the table.
– The baby drowns. This occurs if unconsciously the baby slides (by using his baby walker) into a swimming pool, bath tub, or toilet and then plunged. This is very dangerous, is not it?
– The baby is able to reach dangerous objects. With a baby walker, babies are able to reach dangerous objects such as scissors, knives, or forks which lay on the table easily.
– The baby gets pinched. The baby could be trapped his leg and ankle when he is walking in the surface which is not flat. In addition, his hand can also be caught while reaching for the door opening.

Furthermore, the use of a baby walker is not very good for the baby. It only involves the calf muscles. Yet, in order to be able to walk correctly, thigh muscle function and pelvic muscles also need to be trained. Thus this would be not very good for the baby which stars to learn to walk.

Moreover, the use of a baby walker is not able to help the baby to walk. Psychologically, the baby will be lazy to learn to walk by himself. This is because he is used to walk on the tool that allows him to move everywhere without making a hard effort.

In conclusion, a baby walker is not good for your baby. Beside it is very dangerous, it makes the baby is lazy to learn to walk. Thus, it is better for you not using this tool.

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